Which family photo session type is for us?

Do you want to preserve your precious family memories in a beautiful form, but hate posing and often don’t like how you look in photos? Are you sick of artificial smiles and cheesy studio decorations? Are you tired of uniform family photos? Then you’ve come to the right place.

I offer fully personalized photo sessions, where there are no predefined venues or scenery. I give you recommendations for everything based on a quick and easy preliminary survey of your family. I’m a lifestyle photographer, which means that I focus on natural moments, emotions, and moods – not on traditional, set pictures. In practice, this means that there are no “poses” but “prompts”, and sometimes I just observe and photograph what you do. That is why it is not necessary to look at the camera and smile all the time; I believe it is always better to capture a serious look or an honest laugh than a forced smile. I capture your unique stories in pictures, which I retouch in detail so you can keep these natural moments in a more beautiful and perfect form.

I chose DreamWorld as a name because in childhood the lines are so blurred between fantasy and reality – and I also have a special photo session type that builds on that (DreamWorld Sessions).

I offer 3 photo session types based on the mood and the location of the shoot. Same packages and prices apply to maternity and baby photography. My workflow is the same for each session type.

What is an Outdoor Session?

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As the name suggests, the images of an outdoor session are taken outside, not at your home, a studio or inside any other building. The possibilities for locations are endless – from nature to more urban areas, from your garden to a forest or a historical sight. We will find the most suitable location for your photo shoot together. For outdoor shooting, early mornings and late afternoons are the best as the light at midday can be very harsh – especially in summer – and it can be tough to find open shade or other suitable light. It depends on the season, in spring and summer it is  typically before 10 am and after 6 pm, in fall and winter after 3 pm. I particularly like the golden hour, the period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset. Please note: some locations are not available for a photo shoot or need to be registered in advance, and a rental fee might apply.

What is a Lifestyle Session?

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As opposed to an Outdoor Session, the images of a Lifestyle Session are taken indoors, for example at your home or a natural light studio. I believe your home is the most personal and intimate place where your family photos can be taken, but you might prefer to go to a natural light studio where everything is prepared for a photo shoot. A natural light studio looks like a beautiful well-lit apartment. We will agree on the most suitable and convenient location for you. I do not do photo shoots at traditional studios with seamless or variable backdrops and multiple flashes, as I prefer a more natural look. Please note: in a natural light studio a rental fee applies.

What is a DreamWorld Session?

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DreamWorld Session images can be taken outdoors or indoors, depending on our concept. It is something special, something magical where anything is possible. These sessions are typically for the little ones, but I also do cosplay (costume & role play) photography for adults. You can be anything you want to be, a mysterious fairy or a warrior who fights dragons. We will plan and create a world together, where your character comes to life. An important element of these images is some Photoshop magic, and in some cases I composite images together to achieve the desired result.

Photo shoot duration: 1-2 hours Photo shoot duration: 1-2 hoursPhoto shoot duration: 1-3 hours
Post-processing: 10 hours Post-processing: 10 hours Post-processing: 4-12 hours
Location: outdoorLocation: home/studioLocation: outdoor/studio
Participants: kids, familyParticipants: kids, familyParticipants: kids
Digital images and 10×15 cm prints: 15Digital images and 10×15 cm prints: 15Digital image: 1-5 and 40×60 cm canvas: 1
Service call fee: free within BudapestService call fee: free within BudapestService call fee: free within Budapest
Location rental fee: free/depends on locationLocation rental fee: free/depends on locationLocation rental fee: free/depends on location
Price*: 60 000 HUFPrice*: 60 000 HUFPrice*: 40-80 000 HUF (est.)

* clothing, props, makeup and hair styling not included; additional images can be purchased individually; images might be displayed in my portfolio

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