What to wear for my photo session?

Choosing the right clothing for your photo session is very important. Wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable will help you to ease into the shoot.

How to choose the right colors?

If you want to achieve a dreamy look, go for pastel colors and off-whites. If you prefer a more dramatic look you may choose brighter colors. Single-colored clothes look the most successful, but solid colors paired with large patterns or stripes will look great in photos while small prints and stripes should be avoided.

I recommend keeping patterns to a minimum; consider playing with textures instead. Avoid anything with logos, graphics, characters, labels. These can really distract the attention from the focal point – your face.

Stylists recommend using a maximum of 3 colors. White, black and gray are considered achromatic and this rule does not apply, so they can be safely combined with chromatic colors. Black and white (by themselves) are typically very sharp and not necessarily suitable for family shoots. Bright reds, oranges and magentas can cast unflattering colors on your face therefore are not recommended. For outdoor sessions, please do not wear a shade of green that will get lost in the trees.

What kind of outfits and accessories should we bring?

Generally, I recommend bringing at least 2 outfits per person, both on the dressier side and on the more relaxed and casual side. Of course, it depends on the mood of the shoot. For women, I recommend choosing outfits that fit (not tightly!) and show your figure well; baggy clothing does not hide anything but makes you look larger. Please make sure the length of your dress or skirt allows you to sit down comfortably, even on the ground or floor. Ironing is worth the effort as wrinkles on clothes do not look too flattering in photos. In some locations it may be tricky to change, please be aware of that.

For more than one subject, choose something that coordinates but does not match. Do not have competing colors or patterns and try to avoid clothes of the same color as they can look boring. Try a new style out on the session only if you feel comfortable enough wearing it. Avoid obvious trends that will be dated soon. In case of a Lifestyle Session at your home, coordinate your style and colors with the design and decor of your home.

Bring multiple shoe options (including closed toe shoes), cardigans, belts, jewelry, scarves, or hats if you like, which are appropriate to the season. Please keep in mind the conditions and accessibility of the chosen location. There are places where flats are a better choice than heels. As for the accessories, I believe every prop we use has to add something to the story. Please let me know if you have a particular theme in mind.

For Outdoor Sessions please bring a blanket that you do not mind seeing in your pictures. For little ones, bring drinks, snacks and a favorite toy in case they need some comforting. If there is something you are concerned about, please tell me.

OK, I’m confused, can you help us?

Of course, you can always send me pictures of the chosen outfits before the session to discuss which ones are the best fit. I also created a Pinterest board of clothing ideas for your photo shoot.

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