How would you like a complimentary photo album? Just give me a referral!

Photography is a job of trust, as I have the chance to look into your life for a moment and capture the story of your family. I’m taking pictures of your most precious treasures – your kids.

It’s important that you know what you can expect from me and that I always do only what you have consented to.

As with any work of trust, recommendation is the most important thing in photography. Most of my clients book a session because they saw my pictures of their friends, because I have been recommended, or maybe because they have known me for a hundred years, and have experienced how reliably and diligently I carry out all my tasks.

Everyone has different ideas about who they want to share their family pictures with, so often my pictures can’t be shown publicly. One person may share it publicly on social media, where someone else restricts it to a smaller group of people. Others tend to decorate their home or put them in the family album. That’s completely fair, that’s everyone’s own decision. I’m obviously very happy when I’m allowed to publish pictures because you probably got to know my work and found me by seeing my images. That’s how you were able to get those memories I captured for your family.

I want to thank you and, of course, to encourage you to recommend me to someone else honestly and gladly.

That’s why anybody who gives me a referral for a new client will receive a photo album* as a gift from me, and I will also be giving a gift to the person who books a session as a result. I’m happiest when I can design the album from the pictures from our photo session, but my offer applies to any images. So you can still recommend me if you haven’t had your session with me yet, but are following my work and have been trying for months to convince your partner to come along!

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* What kind of album can we expect? It will be wonderful, 15 × 15 cm, with a photo cover and a maximum of 30 pages.

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