Do you need a profile photo or business portrait for your CV?


Update (Aug 2020): I only take a very limited number of photo sessions, this post was created during a more active period.

First impressions are most often made on our social media profile (Facebook, LinkedIn) or our CV. Our picture does matter, as many conclusions can be drawn from it. A professional photo suggests a professional appearance and attitude, builds trust and, last but not least, tells the world that we’re demanding about what we show of ourselves. This often happens subconsciously, and will help you to get your dream job or build confidence in your future business partners.

I need one image only

Ft 30,000
  • 30 minutes/session
  • In studio
  • 1 digital image

I need some different types

Ft 45,000
  • 30 minutes/session
  • In studio
  • 3 digital images

I need at least five pictures

Ft 60,000
  • 1 hour/session
  • In studio
  • 5 digital images

From the photos taken during our photo session, you can choose what you want to have retouched. You will receive high resolution digital images developed in detail. Additional pictures can be purchased for 12,000 HUF / image. Raw images are not part of the package.

If you want to have a portrait photo service at your company or event, please get in touch.

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