What photography service do we get if we work with you? What does the price include?

When choosing a service provider, the two most important aspects are reliability and value for money. I’m not mentioning quality now, because for me value for money includes this as well.

Reliability can’t be overemphasized, as I think everyone has experienced when the “pro” doesn’t meet the deadline and everything needs to be rescheduled, abandons the job because they have received an irresistible offer, doesn’t appear at the agreed time at all (without saying a word), or comes up with newer costs after the accepted offer. If it reminded you of building a house or renovating your home, you are not alone. Although a photo session is a much less complex project than construction work, it’s important that you know what to expect, get all the necessary information in advance, and not get your pictures after grandma’s birthday while they were promised a week earlier. I belong to the “old school” – if we agree on something, it will be so. And if the end of the world comes  (and let’s face it, it’s not too likely), I’ll talk to you in advance.

Value for money is more difficult because needs and expectations are very different.  The same product or service is valuable and worthwhile to some while for others it’s expensive, and for another it’s not enough. You might even not really see the difference between one and the other. For example, we want to travel somewhere and look for accommodation. From the campsite to the apartment to the five-star hotel we have many options, and we have to decide which one to choose. And we won’t necessarily always choose the same – we may travel with friends to go hiking, so the campsite is the reasonable solution, but we probably won’t go there when preparing for a business trip. And if we travel to a hotel with our family, we decide on the level of service we want and value based on location and comfort. But this post is not about accommodation, so let’s get back to photography (and no, I don’t consider myself to beany of the listed accommodation types in photography!).

I think the main purpose of photography is to receive eternal memories for yourself and for future generations. There are different parameters for photo sessions, such as the duration of the shoot or the number of images delivered. In my opinion, these alone don’t say too much and have little to do with the true value of the images. If something is long or expansive it’s not necessarily good or valuable. Most importantly, have your memories captured in the most perfect form for you, and choose a photographer who can be expected to provide this based on their portfolio, whose style and vision you really like. (You can read more about family photo genres here.) In light of this, it’s much easier to think about value for money.

To answer the question raised in the title, let’s see what is in the basic photography service I provide when we work together!

1. CONSULTATION. The consultation is typically done online or by phone, but a personal meeting is also an option. The purpose of this is to get to know you and customize your photo session, so you will get the pictures you expected – or if you have no idea about that, we will figure it out together. In addition, you will receive a detailed guide with pictures on how to prepare for the photo shoot, and what will happen there and afterwards. I organize the venues, get the licenses, make the bookings, and do the administration . If you need, I will help you choose the right outfits and accessories. I also speak English, so the language of the consultation can be Hungarian or English.

2. PHOTO SESSION.The duration of my photo shoots is usually 1 to 2 hours, most often 1.5 hours. In my experience, this duration is ideal for a family photo session as everyone can feel relaxed and even dads can survive. In fact it’s also possible for children to play a little, which results in natural and memorable pictures. I believe a good photo session is more of a family get-together that isn’t about tension and behaving, but the family has a nice time together and pictures are taken. Instead of traditional posing, I prefer to give “prompts” to create situations where I can capture natural moments in the most perfect form possible. I don’t have have mandatory sites; I always offer you a customized venue or go wherever you are. I only charge a service call fee outside of Budapest and Pest County. I’m committed to lifelong learning, so even after my official photographer exam I have taken part in many workshops, and trained myself with online courses so I can provide you the best service (and because I love it anyway).

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3. PRIOR SELECTION, RECOMMENDATION. I’ll download, review, and carefully select your images, and share a pre-screened album of watermarked raw images so you can select the ones for retouching – so you don’t have to worry about the pictures where someone blinked, ran out of the image, or where maybe I made a mistake. Depending on the nature of your photo session, this is typically a 60-150 picture gallery. Raw images don’t contain any corrections, unlike pictures taken with a mobile phone. Professional photographers choose to work with them because they can achieve the best result at the end of post-processing. What the photographer creates from raw images is a part of her work and style. That’s why I don’t deliver or sell raw pictures.

4. HAND-CRAFTED IMAGES. My photography is based on ‘lifestyle’, so I prefer natural moments, but that doesn’t mean there is only minimal post-processing or correction in my pictures. Each image is individually edited and provided with a portrait retouch (only event photos are an exception, in which I don’t apply portrait retouching). I only deliver retouched images, but of course you can purchase additional images above the number indicated in the packages (2.500 HUF / piece). The number of images in the packages is based on my own survey, as according to your answers you typically want to receive 15 pictures from a photo session, as the number of images that can be displayed in your home and albums, or you want to review many years later, is limited. I always vote for quality as opposed to quantity. If we look at working hours, post-processing is the most time-consuming part – that’s where the images get the look you see in my portfolio. Retouched images are available for download in digital form, and I send you printed images as well. I have an active subscription to Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for image editing. I have also trained myself in retouching, so I attend numerous personal workshops and online courses, recently focusing on perfecting composites, to provide the best possible quality and meet your specific requests.

5. ARCHIVING, STORING YOUR PICTURES. Besides sharing your images with you, I’ll keep the raw and retouched files for at least five years, which means you can turn to me at any time if you have lost your pictures or would like to ask for new ones for retouching. I keep a separate server for storing your images, which is constantly backed up in the cloud. If you are struggling to store and organize your own pictures, I recommend this article (in Hungarian).

6. PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT. I left this to last, because I think it’s a legitimate expectation from a professional photographer and deserves a mention. Nowadays, there are plenty of devices available for taking photos, but the quality of these is quite different. Of course, I work with professional photo equipment. For those who are interested in the tech details, I usually use a Nikon D750 full-frame camera with Nikon 24-70 mm F2.8 or 70-200 mm F2.8 lenses, and a Nikon speedlight, a Godox battery-powered flash, and Mikrosat studio strobes with various light modifiers.

In addition to the base service, of course, you can order additional photography services – including purchasing a unique photo box, a fine art album and a wall hanging.You can also ask me to help if you want to learn photography from the very beginning, or just take better pictures.

I hope this post was useful and will help you make your decision.

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