Ideas: Creating a baby poster with Canva (free)

There are special occasions, such as birthdays, that are worth capturing in many ways. In today’s post I’ll share with you how I created this baby poster with my little daughter’s photo by using a free tool, Canva.

Canva is a very good and simple image editor. It’s available as a mobile application, and also has a browser version. It has plenty of templates to edit, for example, Instagram or Facebook posts, infographics, CVs, book covers, business cards, and more. Some of the templates are available for free.

Steps to make a baby poster:

  1. I selected the Documents/A4 Document option to create an A4 blank document.
  2. After that the recommended design options were shown. I entered “baby” in the search field to find a suitable design more easily. I chose one of the options that I liked and where minimal editing was needed. This template is free if you upload your own picture.
  3. I deleted the header image and uploaded what I wanted to use in Uploads. I just dragged this image to the header and it was automatically placed.
  4. Then I modified the text in the header, changed to my daughter’s name, moved it, and added another text box (Text).
  5. Then I redesigned the boxes, using the first one as a sample. Each item can be duplicated using the Copy button, and Canva can also help you align the elements – so I could easily create three of the same boxes.
  6. In the upper right box I deleted the text, uploaded a picture, and dragged it to the box, just like I did with the header.
  7. You can also save a copy for printing with the download button in the upper right corner. To get the best quality, I recommend choosing the PDF Print option. It’s ready!

If you like this design, you can use it as it is, and you can find it in a shared format here. Please do not edit it directly but make a copy of it for yourself (File/Make a copy)! You can change the text, color, font, or size in the copy.

And if you’re still looking for the perfect birthday shot, please feel free to email me (ingrid | at |, or use the Messenger bubble or the contact form.

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