Ideas: Creating a birthday invitation card with Canva (free)

Many of you have read my previous post about making a baby poster, so now I’ve brought you similar ideas. As my daughter’s birthday is coming soon, this time I’ve made some birthday invitations.

As I mentioned earlier, Canva is a superb image editor – available as a mobile application and in your browser. There are countless free templates that you can use easily, including Instagram or Facebook posts, infographics, CVs, book covers, business cards, and more.

Steps to create a birthday invitation (in both cases):

  1. I searched for “birthday invitation” in Canva’s search engine – I was looking for a template I liked and which I thought I could use with minimal modifications. This time I didn’t pay attention to whether the template was free, because I planned to use the pictures I selected, not the royalty images offered by Canva.
  2. I deleted the images and items I didn’t want to use.
  3. I uploaded the preselected images in Uploads. For feathers and dogs, I used images that had a transparent background. (I should mention here that I use legitimate images in my work, so I take them myself, look for a license for that particular use, or buy them from a stock site. I used Paw Patrol this time as an example, to see what you can create with any of your favorite tales for private purposes.)
  4. The texts were rewritten to what I wanted to use.
  5. Individual images and elements can be easily resized and duplicated using the Copy button. Their layout and order can be set by using “Position”. The “Forward” or “Backward” options bring elements forward and backwards.
  6. You can download the invitation cards for yourself by clicking the Download button in the upper right corner. This time I downloaded a PNG version of the images, which is suitable for web forwarding and sharing. It’s ready!

If you like these invitations, please feel free to use them – I have shared them with you. Please don’t edit them directly, but make a copy of them for yourself (File / Make a copy)! You can change the text, color, font, or size in your design.

And if you’re still looking for the perfect birthday shot or you want your event to be documented in a professional way, please feel free to email me (ingrid | at |, or use the Messenger bubble or the contact form.

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